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Nová společnost na trhu - SikaAxson (angl.) [12.02.2016]

SikaAxson enters the market as the leading supplier in the tooling and composites sector

1/5/16 // SikaAxson - Moving forward together

SikaAxson enters the market as the leading manufacturer in the tooling and composites sector

After the successful acquisition of Axson Technologies by Sika AG in March 2015, the newly formed business unit SikaAxson now enters the market as the leading manufacturer of tooling and composites resins. With an annual turnover of approximately €130 million and 450 employees, SikaAxson is one of the leading manufacturers of polyurethane and epoxy resins. The core competencies of SikaAxson, which will officially start operations on 1 January 2016, are focused on block materials and model pastes, vacuum casting resins and RIM systems, composite and lamination systems, EP and PUR casting resins, elastomer casting resins as well as structural adhesives. This comprehensive product portfolio in conjunction with a strong, world leading developer of high performance resins creates significant added value and synergies for customers and partners.

With the acquisition of Axson Technologies, Sika expands its product range and competence in the tooling and composites sector. The Axson core technologies - polyurethane and epoxide - are also important technologies for Sika. They will be used to expand the SikaAxson portfolio going forward, and to focus it even more strongly on market requirements.

Complementary product systems mean that SikaAxson will be able to react more quickly to market requirements and developments, and a broader product portfolio makes it possible to provide customers and clients with more targeted consultancy in finding their solutions. Our local experts also provide excellent technical service and support in plant technology.

The main application areas for SikaAxson products are automotive manufacturing and boat building, aviation, renewable energies, sports and leisure industry, as well as the construction sector. Additional key areas are tool construction and prototyping, as well as the electrical and electronics sector. Synergies open up the possibility for more comprehensive market cultivation and increased proximity to national and international customers.

" With SikaAxson a strong global player in the tooling and composites industry is formed, which allows us to provide a larger market with an even more comprehensive and integrated offer. We are looking forward to the new challenges and the future opportunities offered by the SikaAxson organization", says Morten Muschak, Head of SikaAxson.